Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm so excited!

Can you tell?

I'm leaving for Louisiana in a couple of days to visit some friends in Lafayette and possibly also New Orleans.

The idea of going back to New Orleans has me nervous, I must admit. I was working at HGTV when Katrina hit and we had televisions on our desks, so I was glued to the news night and day for all of the heart-breaking and life-changing coverage. I'd been there for a fabulous week at my beloved Fairmont only a month before it hit, so I was still swooning over the city and it shattered my heart all the more. Every morning there would be a knock on the door and I'd hear, "Good mornin', Miss, my name's Magnolia and I brought yo breakfast!" She'd wheel in one of those old-fashioned room service carts decked out with an old silver food dome, a curvy little teapot, and pink linens. (Shameful confession: I still regret not snatchin' one of those food domes--even more now that they are probably just sitting in that big old building rotting with the rest of it.  When you pay $40 for toast and eggs, you should get to keep something, shouldn't you? But I digress...)

I swore I'd never return to New Orleans, and while my resolve has softened now, I'm still not sure I can go there again after what I saw those days on TV. The Fairmont never reopened, and I dare not think what might have become of Magnolia.

But I'll also get to see my sweet C while I'm in Lafayette. *swoon* Am I giggling like a schoolgirl? Indeed!

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