Tuesday, April 7, 2009

and now, the pearls

The name of this blog can have lots of meanings, and only those who know me fairly well will get all of them, but the pearls are the most important bit. Simply put, I ADORE pearls. Ultimately I expect that there will be more pearls here than anything else, and to kick things off with style, meet my favorite: Paspaley, "the most beautiful pearls in the world."

Paspaley. Ahh... I even like saying the name. My friends at Stuller introduced me to the glories of Paspaley Pearls, the glowing little creamy white wonders from Paspaley Pearling Company in Australia. While visiting Stuller once, I got to try on a perfect $100,000+ classic strand of Paspaley South Sea pearls like these.

Just look at them! In all their big round satiny white glory. They look like they would melt--or disappear--if you touched them, like the most perfect little snowballs ever made, and so perfectly matched. It's hard to believe they are formed from an irritant or bead nucleus inside of something so akin to... well... slime... And though these could be your grandmother's pearls (she should be so lucky!), most of Paspaley's designs are not--but they are unique and beautiful while still being contemporary...

Like these pendants. *bites lip* Oh, I want 'em!

It's clear that Paspaley doesn't lose sight of the beauty of their pristine South Sea pearls, which remains the focus of Paspaley's designs. I love how they work with and build on the beauty of the pearls themselves, like the way these pendants incorporate tiny micropavé strips of diamonds around the circlé pearl's bands. Fabulous!

It was the Lady Alexandra ring designed by my friend at Stuller that first introduced me to the beauty of Paspaley Pearls, and now I'm enamored with these BHPRs (big honkin' pearl rings), though they cost as much as my car...

Ohhh, my precioussss!

Want to see the other Paspaley pearl jewelry I'll buy when I win the lottery? Oh, alright. ;o)

Pearls in gemstone roses and daisies made of pearls. Just gorgeous.

And after I win the lottery AND become queen, I'll wear this delicate little concoction of diamonds and one perfect, creamy South Sea pearl:


(All photos from Paspaley.com)

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