Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm BACK! and the Cent Sign

My name is Tammy and it has been four months since I blogged. *head hung in shame*

The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, so today I admitted to dozens of people that I created a blog and then let it die from lack of identity. I could never decide what I wanted it to be. Jewelry and gemstones? Cards and other crafts? My adventures? D, all of the above? I'm so passionate about so many things, and sometimes I get all in a fizz over the smallest things, and they need a place, too.

Like today. I was driving down a major highway when I saw a sign advertising something for 89 cents. But it didn't say 89 cents or 89¢ or even $.89, it just said .89

That made me start thinking about the poor cent sign. Where has it gone? You never see it on price tags anymore, probably because there's almost nothing cheap enough to be priced in just cents, without at least one or some dollars. Even if you do find something for sale for only cents, it's listed like the sign I saw--$.99 or $.79 or $.59.

The cent sign has become one of those things that we no longer need, one of the things that not-too-future generations may never see or hear of, like phones with cords you can idly play with while you're talking to a cute boy, address books made of real paper, or records that snap and crackle on record players. There's not even a cent sign on my laptop keyboard, and that makes me sad.

Inflation isn't the cent sign's fault.

Just like my ADD isn't this blogs fault, so I'm vowing not to let it go the way of the cent sign. I'm back!

Photo by Branddobbe.

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  1. Mine is hidden under the $ sign. I hit alt $ and get ¢. But I never use it. Come to think of it, I don't really carry change anymore either.

    As for things we don't need, the blogosphere misses it when a voice fades... Keep writing and commenting. Regardless of where it takes you. Content comes from the darndest places.