Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vintage Sex-Kitten Name

I love the old-fashioned names that delicate ladies once used to describe not-so-delicate ladies. Society has changed so much, and our tolerance levels have dropped so far, that these words actually have a certain charm to them now. They mean nothing like what they were originally intended to mean.

Lana Turner

Want to create your own vintage sex-kitten name? Pick an adjective from list A and a noun from list B. You can also insert "lil" between the two to make it even cuter, such as, "She's a shameless lil hussy." ;o)

List A:                                             List B:

impudent                                        minx
shameless                                       harlot
triflin'                                              hussy
saucy                                              strumpet
brazen                                            floozy
wicked                                            tart
impish                                            siren
bawdy                                             wench
sassy                                              trollop
slattern                                           vamp
wanton                                            paramour
tawdry                                             tramp

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